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Bomb Pop Slush

Oct 1, 2020 1:12:37 PM

Ever crave a bomb pop, but you want to try it a different way, that could also make you loosen up after a while? We have the solution for you! A grown up version of a bomb pop that will change your life forever. This slush is great for any occasion and will be a crowd pleaser for anyone. 

You’ll need a 3 quart freezer container, red white & berry vodka, blue raspberry lemonade Kool Aid powder (yes the powder), water, and a freezer with enough room to fit your container. Mix together water, Kool-Aid, and lemonade concentrate until Kool-Aid is dissolved. Add vodka and stir to combine. Pour mixture into your container and freeze overnight or until set.

Bomb Pop (12)

 After the first night or when it is set, stir it up so the alcohol doesn’t settle to the bottom. You will want to stir it at least once a day until you serve! To serve, make sure that you have wash to put on top, so it’s not as strong. We recommend fizzy water from your soda machine. You just scoop ¾ of slush into the cup of your choice, and pour the fizzy water over it, mix, top with cherries and enjoy! 

Bomb Pop Slush recipe, super simple and easy to make: 

Recipe type: Frozen Drinks 

Serves: A Crowd 


2 cups of red, white & berry vodka 

1 can (12 oz) frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed

1 cup (1 1/2 cap fulls of the container) Kool-Aid Sugar sweetened blue raspberry lemonade powder 

6 cups of water 

Garnish: Maraschino Cherries 

Glass Type: cocktail glass or whatever you see fit 

Let us know what you think about this fun fizz drink by tagging us in a post/story using our handle @SodaSenseOfficial 

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